Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Water Balloon Brigade

So, it is the last day of school for the '08 year, and all 30+ high schoolers are being cool- too cool. As we travel down the road the bus in front of me has a young person let loose a toy super hero on a string- like in Napolean Dynamite- the movie. Everyone on the bus chuckles- so far a good way to end this school year.
We arrive at the first stop and a few too many people leave the bus. I hear someone comment that I-the bus driver- know what they are going to do. Honestly I do not know, but I'll be silent and let them wonder and stay alert.
I make the next two stops. It's mellow and cordial so far. Then, I drive along and hear a splat a bit too close to the driver side window. Water balloons pelt the bus. Eek! Thank God none have landed inside.
I tell the students it is a good thing that a balloon did not hit me and keep steadily going. One of the tall guys in the back of the bus held up his hands as if he were driving, got a calm semi happy peaceful look on his face and said," No you probably would have kept driving [like this], or we would have crashed into a house." Geez- what a lovely thought! At least he gave me credit for keeping my cool.
Well, we round the corner; they try again, but lo and behold, they missed. Wahoo! Precious cargo gets delivered, and I've made it through the water balloon zone! Hoorah!

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