Wednesday, June 11, 2008

That's what my mom said!

Tonight I had a great night of prayer at a church in town. Toward the end of the gathering a girl asked for prayer and got some questions answered.
One of her questions was what to do about a friend who spoke badly about her. The other ladies counseling her said not to worry about what other people think.
I told her a story about a girl on the bus who had gotten easily upset. I told the girl on the bus to be calm, and then the people who were pressing her buttons would quit because they would see that she would not react. This girl on the bus asked what she should do if people were talking badly about her. I told her to prove them wrong by her actions, and then the other people would look badly for talking wrongly about her.
The girl at church told me excitedly, "That's what my mom said!" That made us all chuckle and made me feel good because I'm not a mom but still gave good advice. Apparently hearing it from her mom and someone else not quite as old as her mom made a big difference-the girl at church said so.
Well, the end. =)

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malvada said...

bravo!!!! I am glad you were able to help her! :) And you are gonna be one kick-ass mom! hehe