Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Animal Defender

Again, I was awaiting to drive away from the elementary school, I drive a school bus, and a fourth grade boy walks up to me and says one of the girls shoved cake in his face. This was evident as frosting was on half his face.
I followed him back to where the girl sat, and she immediately voiced with anger that the cakeboy tortured animals. I sat down beside her and the boy sat on the other side of the bus.
"Do you torture animals?" I asked.
"Well, yeah," he said as if everyone in the world did such a thing.
My heart felt shock as my mind wrapped around his answer. Then, with my brain feeling a bit on autopilot, I asked, "Do you hunt?"
He said yes that he and his dad did, and boy, relief soothed me! Well, I looked at the girl and told her I understood her being upset, but that some people hunted and that was a part of life, and she needed to communicate her anger with words and not cake.
Then I drove the darlings and safely delivered them. The End.

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