Wednesday, June 4, 2008


The other day I was talking to some children and asked one of them what they did for Mother's Day. One of the girls said she made chocolate covered strawberries with her mom.
Immediately one of the boys said, " Ooooh! I love chocolate covered strawberries! I'll give you six dollars for one."
With a bit of haughtiness the girl sat taller and said, "I already have that."
Then the boy said, "Yeah, but if I give you six more then you will have eleven."
I jumped in the conversation and said, "You mean twelve?"
He replied that yes, he meant twelve.
Then another child said, "I knew that when I was in kindergarten."
Well, I told the girl she might want to rethink the sale because she would make a lot more money than HEB- the local grocery store.
Well, then time passed. The end for now. (Smile)


malvada said...

these are great! Keep it up! :)

Alanda said...