Friday, June 6, 2008

Screams and Shouts

So I was driving the elementary students and one day, and some kindergartners were excited. We were beginning to drive up and down a bridge that seemed a bit like a roller coaster. A girl in kindergarten exclaimed,"Wahoo! Everyone hold up your hands for the roller coaster."
One of the boys in the seat opposite her said,"Ms. L, can you drive with Lori (I changed her name.) screaming like that."
Lori sat up and looked at the boy and said a bit indignantly," I'm not screaming; I'm shouting." This was news to me, I thought she was exclaiming loud- shouting and screaming is much louder.
Well, I asked the boy if it bothered him. He said it did, and so I suggested he ask her to be a bit more quiet.
He did and she loudly whispered, "Is this better?"
He replied yes and thanks. Oh, what wonderful little diplomats!


rnell777 said...

They both are so cute! it is meaningful though.

Alanda said...

Thanks. =)

malvada said...

tooo funny!!!

malvada said...

too funny!!!

Alanda said...

Glad you liked it. It had me chuckling a lot. =)