Saturday, June 14, 2008

Take Some Risks

So I drive the school bus and remind one of the chipper, kind middle school girls to sit as if she is wearing a seat belt. "Miss, you need to take some risks," she lets me know with all of her twelve years of knowledge.
I assure her I do take risks. I've traveled the west coast, stood my ground against people who some would consider scary, currently drive a school bus that can hold seventy-six children. I take risks!
"Yes," she says, "and you probably wear your seat belt."
Well, she has me there. I do wear my seat belt in moving vehicles, and when I drive the school bus, I even try to obey the law that says school buses are not to run yellow lights- much to the chagrin of the students who would like to get home quickly and or see me get a ticket.
Well the conversation kept going and the kindhearted, risk taking girl tells me that her mom can drive, talk on the cell phone, and put make up on all at the same time. I told the girl she ought to ask if her mom wants me to do that. Her mom later assured me she only puts on lipstick and surely does not want me to do all that at the same time. =) The end.

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