Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Definition

The other day I was watching two seven year old boys and talking with their nana. One of the boys walked in from watching television in the other room, pointed at me, and said, "Christian Mingle. Heard of it?" "Yes I have," was my reply. "Good," he said and then went back to watching a show on cable in the family range. Later in the car I thought about it and laughed out loud. His nana and I had laughed after he shared also. I told her I had asked the boys to pray that the right man find me. Well, in the car after laughing aloud, they asked why I laughed. I said I laughed about the Christian Mingle comment. One of the brothers asked what Christian Mingle was. His brother said, "Christian Mingle helps you find your place with God." His brother replied,"I need to find my place with God." They are seven. =) PS I assure them God loves them lots so whatever there place is they should know they are very loved.

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