Sunday, April 22, 2012

Always Welcome

The other day I was watching two boys and let them know about the symbolism in Psalm 23 when it says, "He anoints our head with oil, cup overflowing." The cup overflowing refers to a Jewish tradition that showed etiquette for how long guests should stay. There were one cup, two cup, three cup, etc. to overflowing guests. Whenever a guest's cup ceased to be refilled, that was a person's cue to leave. With God we have an overflowing cup and are always welcome. Wow. Well one of the boys asked what would happen if we did not drink the cup; I said we would be missing out and affirmed that was a great question. The other boy said he wondered how many bathrooms God had. =) PS I learned about the overflowing cup from Rob Koke at Shoreline church in Austin, TX.


Marcie said...

great story!!! i love that etiquette. what a good idea those Jewish folks had!

Alanda said...

When an Eastern host would express that his guest was very welcome, and when the host wished to express that he possessed plenty unto the comfort and happiness of his guests, he would ask the guest to hold up his cup and then he would pour the wine and keep on pouring this wine until it would overflow the cup and fall on the carpeted banqueting floor. - This is from and is another meaning of the overflowing cup.