Monday, December 22, 2008

A Simple Funny to me

This is a trick my mom used to do that is funny to me. I think it could be a trick that many moms know, especially since sometimes they need to be a bit sneaky to get their children to do what is good for them.
She would look at my brothers and I like she had the best idea in the world. She'd start the conversation by saying, "I have an idea," or "I know what we should do!"
Sometimes they were really good or involved her making something really delicious so my brothers and I would get excited as well and hope (sometimes guarded hope- not skepticism-please comment if you think you know the right word or with anything really) would radiate from our hearts and faces.
We would say something like "What?" or "Hmmmm...?"
Then mom would say, "We can clean your room!" or , "Let's go to the grocery store!" or something that did not match the excitement of what she looked like she was about to share.
There were other times though when her delivery would match the idea like when we had super food she made or when we would go on an awesome trip across country. She kept us guessing. =)
I think I got that trait, and it is neat to see other people's faces light up with excitement and give me slightly humorous smiles when their expectations are not met. Oh! I have an idea! Let's all get more diligent and make the world a better place and inspire people to smile and laugh in a good way and defy mainstream media's disheartening expectations. =)

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