Monday, November 10, 2008

The Purple Cup

I was watching a three year child a while ago. He was great. Then he took a nap and awoke like a different child. He awoke crying from a bad dream I believe. After that he wailed he wanted his mommy. When I distracted by asking him if he wanted some water, he looked totally calm and said,"Yeah."
I said," Alright," and went to get a cup. He saw me get a blue cup and started a wailing,"I want the purple cup! I want the purple cup."
I looked everywhere for a purple cup and did not find a one. I even looked in the dishwasher trying to find one. I tried to color paper purple and put it around the cup to which he cried,"No, my mom will kill me."
I knew he needed water so I figured I'd give him a cup I saw. When I filled the cup with cold water, it turned purple! =)

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