Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Art says the Funniest Thing

I was watching Art Linklater ( He is from that show "Kids Say the Darndest Things.") - the other day on CBN. He has been married for seventy plus years and is ninety - four years old.
He spoke of paddling the canoe with his bride to be under the moonlight. He got a bit nervous and said, "We ought to get married or something." She said, "We'll get married or nothing!"
I thought that was the funniest thing, and a good way for women to handle themselves with men in general. We need to guard our hearts and not sit idly if a guy tries to take advantage of us or treats us badly. Husbands are supposed to be forever! We women ought to be very careful and only consider marrying the good ones. Maybe if women did this, the men who act badly will act righteously. The reverse would likely happen as well.
Well, have a good day.

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Alanda said...

About marrying- it would be good to marry the guys that are working to be good and have integrity and humbleness and honesty when they fall and work to have those traits all the time. Some men I've met do.